Terms of Business

All details of Business Terms, Prices & Descriptions of items offered for sale on this website are current but are subject to change without prior notice. These details replace any previously advertised details. (E & 0 E)

All Forms of Weaponry Restricted to Over 18’s Only

All items of weaponry, either deactivated guns, obsolete antique guns and all forms of edged weapons, will only be sold by The Lanes Armoury to customers over the age of 18 years. By acknowledging our Terms and Conditions at the point of purchase, for all mail order sales, the buyer is formally agreeing and stating that they are over 18 years of age.

Availability of Goods

This web site is designed to show only items of stock that are still available for sale, but it is still remotely possible that an item could be sold during your visit to the web site. In the unlikely event that an item has been sold by the time that you place your order, we will inform you by return e-mail.

Delivery Charges

All orders are subject to a delivery, packing & handling charge. When ordering on-line the delivery charges for the order will be automatically calculated via our Shopping basket ordering system and are based on the total weight of your order, your location and our normal methods of despatch.

However, we reserve the right to surcharge any orders that are of an extreme weight outside of the pre-computed weight tables preloaded into the web site.

Delivery Methods

Orders are despatched as appropriate to the size, value & contents of the order, and in accordance with the regulations of the U.K & the destination country’s regulations. Allow up to 7 days for UK delivery, unless by special request. 

UNITED KINGDOM: Road Freight, regular delivery Door to Door service. 
EU: Road Freight, regular delivery Door to Door service. 
REST OF THE WORLD: Regular Air Service, or Specialist Air Freight Services. 

All Militaria including Edged Weaponry; regular Door to Door service throughout the world. 
Antique Guns; For only Non UK Export gun deliveries we now have to use specialist arms export freight companies [despite their age] to the nearest International Airport for the client to collect. Clearance and onward domestic delivery can be by arrangement but at an extra cost. These expensive changes have been inflicted upon all UK antique gun export companies, not by any legal restriction, as all antique guns can be shipped freely around the world, but due to the ‘previous’ US Government placing pressure on to the shipping industry to restrict movement of all guns [however old] from regular international air mail channels.

Overseas Deliveries

The Lanes Armoury [M & D Hawkins] cannot be responsible for any Customs duties and taxes levied by the Customs organisations in the Country of delivery.


With the ever-increasing values of the goods that we sell we have taken the step of obtaining a separate Insurance policy to cover “goods in transit” and from now on ALL of the goods that we despatch will be covered by FULL VALUE INSURANCE. To take advantage of this cover, all of our despatches will only be sent by “Signed for” and “traceable en route” carriage systems. 


All payments must be made in British pounds (££) sterling. Payment to be made by the following methods: 
CREDIT CARDS: We accept Visa, Mastercard & American Express Credit Cards & Switch, Maestro, Delta & Connect Debit Cards. Our secure payment form will ask you for all relevant information. All goods remain the property of the vendor until fully paid for. 

CHEQUES (UK only).Payable to ‘The Lanes Armoury’ with your cheque guarantee card number on the back. We reserve the right to clear cheques through our bank before despatching goods. If a cheque should be returned to us as unpaid, title to the goods remains with ‘The Lanes Armoury until the matter is settled. 

We cannot accept personal cheques in foreign currency, drawn on banks outside of the u.k. please do not send such a cheque, as a delay will occur whilst we return it to you. We can accept payments by bank draft or international money order (in British pounds sterling & made payable To The Lanes Armoury) or by bank transfer ( if you wish to pay by this method, specific details will be supplied upon request). 

POSTAL ORDERS: Crossed & payable to ‘The Lanes Armoury’.

CASH. Please send cash by registered mail only. For your own security, we insist that you do not send cash by any other means.

Our Guarantee

All items advertised on this web site are of original period manufacture unless stated otherwise. We have been in business many decades and base our descriptions of the items offered for sale on our experience. However, no one can profess to being an absolute expert in this field. Although great care is taken to ensure the accuracy of the description of items offered with regard to age, origin and condition, etc., All such statements represent opinion, and are not to be taken as facts. Some items are described by their manufacturers or a generic model name [e.g. Winchester Model 1873, 1796 British Light Dragoon Sabre, Colt ’73 Revolver] this is not stating their year of manufacture, but the year of initial design, patent, or initial introduction. Some items will be described as being of the vintage or era of certain historic battles or conflicts, it cannot be taken that they were specifically used in said battles or conflicts unless otherwise stated. 

Refunds We offer a money back guarantee on all of the goods supplied provided that, should you have any reason to dispute the description of an purchased item, you contact us and return the item within 7 days of receipt of the goods. Provided that it is in the condition as sent, a full refund of the purchase price will be made. If an item is not notified to us within this time, it will be considered as being sold. We regret that return postage costs are not refundable. 

Exceptions: This refund offer does not apply to any goods purchased that have been cleaned, renovated, damaged, disassembled or otherwise tampered with after purchase. Printed matter (books, manuals, paperwork, magazines, etc) are supplied as described and are not returnable We supply items for collector’s, display purposes only & such items are not intended for actual wear or use. We do not guarantee the fitting of any clothing, footwear or headgear, nor their suitability for being worn. Therefore we are no longer able to accept returned items on the basis of their not fitting a customer.

Important Notice - Export

The responsibility lies with the customer to ensure that any goods ordered are allowed to be imported into your country. 
In our experience, the items that we sell can be imported without any problems, however some countries have import restrictions on antique firearms, edged weapons (bayonets, knives, etc) & munitions (grenades etc). If an item has to be returned because it cannot be imported to your country, we can offer other goods to the same value in exchange, less any return postage & import costs incurred by us, but are unable to give a refund. Therefore we suggest that you check with the appropriate import authorities regarding import restrictions that may apply. Due to recent & very obvious problems with airline security, we can no longer export inert grenades, ordnance , munitions or matches by Air Mail. However, we can despatch these items by Surface Mail if required. Details of services are available on request.

Condition of goods described

We try to be as accurate as possible when describing the condition of articles offered for sale. However, as the majority of items are over 50 years old, allowance must be made for their being in existence, and stored, for this amount of time.

Materials of Construction

Materials of weapon mounts and parts can be, and were often, constructed of differing materials for decorative purposes. When used, gold and silver mounts are usually not hallmarked, as they were not required to be hallmarked under English law [principally as they were exempt from the hallmark act as the precious metal did not form the majority of the material of the weapons construction], and, because of this the silver [or gold] mounts can be of varying silver [or gold] content and quality. When the term ‘ivory’ is used by us [in inverted commas] to describe decorative mounts it is a universal generic description used by us to relate to ‘ an organic natural off white coloured ornamental material’ [such as elephant or hippo tusk or teeth] but it can be made of various forms of natural organic product such as marine ivory [whale, walrus etc], bone or ivory-bone [whale, cow etc] and numerous forms of other animal teeth or tusks, sometimes there is a mixture of various types [such as elephant ivory and bone]. If it is known to us what specific type of ivory is used it may be described in greater detail e.g. ‘all walrus tusk ivory’ otherwise the generic term of ‘ivory’, in inverted commas, is used. Elephant and other endangered species ivory that is under 100 years old is restricted in some countries and not sold by us. All weaponry that has elephant ivory mounts, grips etc. Will be over 100 years old and not subject to restrictions in this country. All export customers are responsible to find out if there are restrictions that may apply to their country. Sometimes in the later Victorian era celluloid was used as a synthetic ‘ivory’ and over the successive decades other synthetics were used including a form of plastic, these materials will be usually described by us as ‘ivorine’

Repairs & Renovations

Due to the age of the some items offered in this catalogue, contemporary / period repairs may have been made to some (not all) of them. Such period repairs are not always noted in the description of an item unless the repair work is substantial enough to be of note. Minor repairs to wooden stocks of antique fireams, obviously made during the life of the weapon are not usually noted, however a later, major repair would be. Again, in the case of antique firearms, mechanism parts (springs, sears etc) may have been repaired or replaced and may not be noted. Please understand that we do not sell any heavily restored items (unless stated). If you have any individual queries on any item on this web site, please telephone for a full, inch by inch description of the item.

Japanese Blade Polishing

We can, on request, arrange to re-polish, re-bind and re-fit Japanese blades purchased from The Lanes Armoury. This is a very specialised work and patience and understanding is essential in the time that this can work take. Although blades are often dramatically, cosmetically improved with polishing, this is undertaken entirely at the owners risk and we cannot be responsible for any flaws or imperfections that may be revealed that were not easily discernible, or were naturally hidden beneath the blades surface before polishing.

Electronic Disclaimer

Due to the complexities of the electronic world regarding our web site, The Lanes Armoury reserve the right to refuse a sale if there has been an electronic failure in the pricing of any specific item.


All photographs on the web site are the property of The Lanes Armoury and are not to be reproduced without prior permission.

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